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Our Response to COVID-19

We equip brands for uncertainties:

Lead the Change wtih KBQuest

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We’re Here to Support Businesses for Continuity

While the healthcare professionals are doing their best to defend against COVID-19, we, as a technology expert, continue to make every effort to protect our customers by navigating and supporting them to overcome the challenges and adjust for the new world.  


We are taking good care of our team members while maintaining business continuity for our customers. With what we do best – leveraging AI, automation, data analytics and cloud intelligence to innovate and drive successful digital transformation, KBQuest is committed to helping organizations address the new challenges and get through the crisis.

We at KBQuest are here to support you, as always. 

Our Message

Transform Challenges into Beneficial Changes

Many aspects of our daily work and lives keep changing with the uncertainties. To mitigate the disruptions caused by unforeseen challenges, digital transformation strategies have undoubtedly become a must for most organizations in the world. 


Going down the digital transformation path does not only help businesses reduce unexpected impacts by this health crisis, it also brings organizations significant and fundamental benefits in the long-term. Changes this crisis has brought to the world are deep-rooted – we are committed to ensuring our customers are well prepared for the new world after COVID-19.

We see opportunities in challenges.

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Lead the Change
Our Solutions

Our Business Continuity Solutions for COVID-19 Disruption

Business Strategies

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To adjust for the changing environment, we guide organizations to rethink and redesign business processes to achieve improvement and tangible business outcomes through a systematic approach.

KBQuest_Solutions for COVID-19_Data Anal

Data Analytics & Visualization

Data analysis gets even more important for organizations to make agile and right decisions. We build data analytics platform with professional cloud data architecture design and automated processes to bring organizations extensive data insights.

KBQuest_Solutions for Online Services_We


Process enhancement and cost savings are two top priorities during tough times. We help organizations achieve them by automating their business processes through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Management (BPM).

Digital Expansion

KBQuest's Response to Covid-19-eCommerce

eCommerce Consulting Services

By combining your product knowledge with our expertise in digital strategy and solutions, we help you nail down all the unknowns and expectations, then define the implementation timescales and deliverables to make the most of your online business.

KBQuest's Response to Covid-19-Website A

Website and App Design & Development

Online presence becomes a must especially when social distancing is in practice. We build fascinating websites with centralized CMS to create impressive digital experience for organizations to achieve business goals.

KBQuest's Response to Covid-19-Digital P

Payment Gateway Integration

To keep your revenue coming in from online channels, we help organizations to take online payments and drive conversions through any channel and device with simple and secure online payment gateway.

Digital Expansion
Business Strategies

Virtual Connection

KBQuest's Response to Covid-19-Virtual C

Virtual Customer Experiences

We enable organizations to stay connected with customers and prospects virtually, even social distancing is in practice, via a single messenger interface which can be launched instantly anywhere on all kinds of devices.

KBQuest's Response to Covid-19-E-Signatu

Electronic Signature Service

To keep critical document processes running without geographic restrictions, we help organizations to adopt e-signatures on both internal and external documents for flexible and secure digital document workflows.

Virtual Connection

Hybrid Workplaces

KBQuest's Response to Covid-19-Identify-Employees-in-Buildings-with-cases_O.jpg

Reduce Risk of Exposure at Workplaces

Preventing the spread of coronavirus at work by arranging employees who reside in buildings with latest confirmed cases to stay home.

KBQuest's Response to Covid-19-Remote Ac

Remote Access Monitoring

We support organizations in smooth transitions to a digital workplace and widespread remote working in the work-from-home era with proper monitoring of remote access usage.

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Workplace Occupancy Management

We help organizations eliminate the back-and-forth communications between employees and managers, and allow managers to manage the hybrid workspaces in a simple and clear way.

KBQuest's Response to Covid-19-Remote De



We empower organizations to maintain business operations by enabling employees to work remotely and securely from anywhere and any devices.

Hybrid Workplaces

Looking for more possibilities? Let's talk.

We're here to help reduce the business impact from COVID-19.

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