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Generative AI Offerings

Generative AI in business

Experience benefits of Gen AI and elevate your company to new heights

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Virtual AI Assistant

Leverage GPT to efficiently handle internal and external enquiries within your organization's knowledge base. It also assists in a wide range of administrative tasks, offering improved information access, accuracy, and consistency.

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Intelligent Service Management

GPT-powered engine provides automated incident resolution, quick problem-solving guidelines, and efficient handling of inquiries and complaints with AI-generated reports and suggested solutions, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Data Analytics

Leverage GPT for automated data extraction, insight identification, pattern recognition, and comprehensive report generation, enhancing data exploration, visualization, and interpretation, empowering informed decision-making and meaningful insights.

AI Service Offerings

We unleash the power of Generative AI and enable your organization to flourish

AI Maturity Assessment

Evaluate your organization’s AI readiness and identify potential growth opportunities.

Custom AI Enablement

Develop tailored AI solutions and applications with ethical AI Framework and AI best practices.

AI-powered Automation

Hugely streamline daily operations and deliver game-changing results with the power of Generative AI.

AI-driven Data Analytics 

Derive meaning, extract information, generate insights from unstructured data by analyzing textual information rapidly.


AI Solutions

Adopt AI in various business areas to eliminate time-spend on low-value tasks and increase productivity

AI-Powered Communication Management

AI-powered CV assessment

Enterprise-owned Search Engine


Azure OpenAI


Thriving with the power of

Azure OpenAI

As the Microsoft AI Partner of the Year Hong Kong, we keep innovating and solving business needs with the power of Azure OpenAI Services and Power Platform.


By combining our expertise in Microsoft technologies, our capabilities in Azure Services and the ability of GPT, our team create advanced AI applications to deliver valuable business impacts in data and analytics, automation and operational excellence, user experience and innovation.


Capabilities of Generative AI

Popular Scenarios across Different Industries

Operation Optimization

Achieve customer service excellence by delivering automated customer support with a great extent of friendliness by using Generative AI as a foundation

Customer Excellence

Streamline daily operations with the aid of virtual AI assistant to handle standard processes and allow humans to focus on value-added tasks

Process Automation

Use GPT power to automate repetitive tasks like data extraction and data classification without the need of a huge amount of manpower and time resources

Advanced Analytics

Perform advanced data analysis tasks like descriptive analytics, advanced analytics and predictive analytics with the insights generated by GPT

Data Visualization

Visualize data, generate automated reports and gain insights from large datasets after GPT extracting relevant data accurately and promptly



Capabilities of Gen AI

Unlock new levels of efficiency and transform your operations across domains and industries

Question Answering Systems

Compared to a trained QA chatbot, the user friendliness of GPT is one of the important reasons behind its popularity since users are not required to follow a specific format to interact with the chatbot. Users can expect to have human-like conversations with the chatbot without chances of not being answered because of wrongly framed questions.

Natural Language Queries (NLQs)

Users can query databases in natural language with text-to-SQL

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Understand natural language input from humans and respond in human-like fashion

Text Summarization

Automatically summarize different document lengths and types

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Generate personalized responses based on its understanding of the conversation context

End-to-end Dialogue Management

Handle complex conversations in context and allow users to ask relevant follow-up questions

Automatic Machine Translation and Language Detection

Handle multiple languages simultaneously and translate content according to command given

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