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A place with diverse opportunities.

Together at KBQuest

We are passionate and vibrant professionals who constantly guide businesses to outperform the competition. We are data-driven innovators who share knowledge and experience to work towards a common goal. We treasure teamwork and collaboration which always enable us to turn challenges into success. We love to accept challenges and take advantages of opportunities so as to reach our greatest potentials. Lastly, we are a fun-loving team who cherish every opportunity to celebrate success and have a good time with other KBQuestars. 

Sound like you? Join us then!

KBQuest_Career_Company Activities Galler
KBQuest_Career_Company Activities Galler
KBQuest_Career_Company Activities Galler

We actively seek talented stars

who share the 'STAR' values with us to shine with us.


Strive for quality excellence by committing to always deliver the best


Team up to work towards common goals while maintaining individual accountability


Achieve personal development with an insightful and
innovative mind


Rejoice at this positive, encouraging and fun environment

At KBQuest Academy,

the spectrum of talents can be seen;

the spectrum of opportunities can be found.

To facilitate the fast growing deployment of digital transformation in businesses, KBQuest sees the opportunity to acquire talents with diverse backgrounds and experience.  KBQuest Academy is a learning and development enabler - we foster creative thinking, innovation and problem solving to expedite our people's growth both personally and professionally.


The Academy offers a tailored-made program for new graduates and young executives to work across a diverse spectrum of new technologies comprising AI, Analytics, Automation and Cloud.  We provide a platform for participants to develop sound technical and functional capabilities through structured training, mentoring and project assignments. Our aim is to enable every individual who works at KBQuest to build a diverse skill set, unlock their true potential and advance in their career.


We grow and glow together.

Join us to level up your career!

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