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KBQuest flew up to the “cloud” and explored as a first-mover at the very beginning when cloud computing emerged. We stay ahead of the competition in these years and had become an expert with solid experience in providing our clients with end-to-end cloud managed services.


We go beyond simple lift-and shift assistance and infrastructure management support. Our cloud specialists handled many different complicated missions which built our confidence in achieving any business outcomes you would like to have through your cloud journey. 


We accompany you the whole cloud journey

with strategic and directional guidance.

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Your cloud journey with us starts with defining a specific road map that tailored to your business objectives and needs. We check up your infrastructure to determine apps and data that are viable for cloud migration and design your go-cloud strategy accordingly.



Our experienced experts are confident to execute your data and applications migration with minimal disruption to business operations, at the lowest cost, and over the shortest period of time.




We ensure you a stable and productive cloud environment with 24x7 proactive monitoring, cloud services monitoring, incident management and notification for maintenance. We also provide training program to strengthen your cloud skill set in order to magnify your cloud utilization and operational productivity.



We are dedicated to maximize your investments on cloud by conducting thorough architecture review, components sizing review and spending monitoring.





We are at the leading position

We started our own cloud journey a decade ago and have been recognized as the best Azure Partner for years.

After being certified as a leader in the territory of Azure, we have expanded our cloud service to multiple leading public clouds, resulting in a Cloud subsidiary with specialists concentrating in cloud services across multiple cloud platforms - KBCloud.

We have the knowledge

With a strong background in system and software development, we have in-depth knowledge on both infrastructure and application.


We know the best of both worlds and how to strike a balance for the perfect configuration, avoid known issues and prevent any potential problems before they arise.

We are just one call away

Our highly skilled experts proactively monitor and manage your systems 24x7.


We are always ready to pick up the phone and answer your enquiries. Most importantly, we speak your language!

Microsoft Recognized Partner

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Country Partner of the Year

KBQuest_Recognitions_MS Awards

Best Azure Partner

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KBQuest_Recognitions_MS Awards

Best Cloud Partner of the Year

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Gold Cloud Platform Competency

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With our broad knowledge in Microsoft technologies,
we bring best values of your Azure investments.

Architect and Deploy
Our Azure-certified architects and engineers help you design, architect, deploy and manage your Azure architecture with a structured approach for building applications on Azure that are scalable, highly available and cost efficient.
Ensure Best Practices
Our team of Azure specialists delivered a lot of Azure solutions and handled many different complex challenges, which enabled us to help you avoid any potential incidents and ensure best practices for architecture and security.
Manage and Support
24/7 ongoing operational support from us ensure you a stable and resilient cloud environment with proactive monitoring, maintenance and immediate remediation for your operating systems (OS) and virtual machines (VM).
Cost Efficiency
Cost control and forecasting have been two recurring challenges in enterprise cloud cost management. By leveraging our SynCloud AI Portal, we empower you to rein in and optimize your Azure spending with AI-powered predictive forecast and intelligent cause analysis. 
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