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Remote Access Monitoring

Virtual Connection

One of the primary concerns when employees are working remotely is the authentication management.

When implementing work-from-home policies, the increasing number of users connecting from laptops or mobile devices into the server remotely is putting strains on licensing, internet bandwidth as well as server performance.

To support organizations in IT infrastructure monitoring and capacity planning, we help organizations acquire a transparent view of how employees are accessing the servers remotely and securely.

“Maintain remote workforce productivity securely.” Get a transparent view of your employees’ logon activities and statuses.

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Remote Logon Session Monitoring

We enable your IT team to track logon activities and status including number and length of remote logon sessions. With the full picture of demands in remote access, you can carefully allocate resources to avoid impacts of remote working on the efficiency and productivity of your remote workforce.

Remote Authentication Management

We help you to correlate remote access data with other event logs (e.g. security event logs) for a comprehensive authentication monitoring – any suspicious user activities will be identified for further investigations.

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