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Workplace Occupancy Management

Hybrid Workplaces

A simple desk booking system can be used to ensure productivity at work and compliance with changing health regulations.

With social distancing measures imposed to contain the new wave of the epidemic, organizations need to react fast to the special working arrangements and make sure the occupancy in office is always halved to regulate maximum occupancy.

Using spreadsheets to stagger work shifts into A-B teams can be a quick solution but it involves lots of back-and-forth communications between employees and managers. The process can be time-consuming and complicated with huge manual efforts to manage the workplace capacity.

To make it easier for corporates to maintain the new working condition, we help organizations deploy the desk booking system. It hugely eliminates the back-and-forth communications and allow managers to manage the hybrid workspaces in a simple and clear way.

A desk booking system is not bound to be limited to corporates adopting hot desking. With the same concept of "booking a desk", employees reserve their spaces before coming into the office - it becomes so efficient and simple to manage the shift scheduling.

Dashboard Demo.png

For Managers

• Offers great visibility into the team working schedule by week, or month
• Allows management to identify who is working from home and who is coming into the office with filters by date, time and location
• Reports occupancy trend when the data is connected to analytics tools like Power BI
• Spots peak days with overcrowded attendance booked

For Employees

• Shows available desks by date, time, and location
• Enables them to check what they reserved with a list of upcoming office bookings and cancelation options
• Displays time slots when they plan not to be at the office

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