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Virtual Customer Experiences

Virtual Connection

Social distancing is in practice in a global scale due to COVID-19. The ability of organizations to stay in touch with their customers and prospects is critical to their business success.

It’s a very special moment that people are all separated from each other. Customer-facing employees like sales, service desk teams and support teams are significantly impacted as they are hindered from meeting up with customers and prospects. In this on-demand world, everyone is seeking prompt answers and responses.

We offer organizations the Customer Experience Platform to deliver authentic and instant customer experiences virtually anywhere. Customers are connected to the right team or account managers in a timely manner on a single messenger interface, which can be launched anywhere instantly without any software installation.

“Customer experience is the key driver of business success.” We empower organizations to captivate and engage with customers through various online touchpoints.

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All-in-one Interactive Platform

We enable organizations to connect and engage with customers through a single messenger interface that powers live chat, bots, voice and video calls, screen sharing, appointment calendars, transactions as well as agreements. The platform can be launched anywhere ranging from a social ad to an URL, from your website to your app. Without the restrictions on devices, your customers and employees can access to real-time unified experience on their phone or computer at anywhere and anytime.

Customer Experience Management

With all the virtual interactions happen on the platform securely synced into one view, your customers never have to repeat themselves while your customer-facing teams can always retrieve the history to deliver seamless experiences – so everyone is on the same page. In addition, archived conversations and reporting dashboard provide you with analytical details for continuous improvement in delivering the customer journey.

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