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Electronic Signature Solution

Virtual Connection

When people have to maintain social distance during the COVID-19 crisis, e-signatures are found to be a helpful tool to simplify the process of authorizing documents virtually.

Business processes requiring physical documents to record signatures have been suspended due to the requirement of social distancing practices. Therefore, we offer e-signature solutions for organizations to authorize any type of agreements and documents without geographic limitations.

Putting electronic signatures in place does not only keep business running securely, it also reduces the processing time for document and agreement. We help organizations transform the way they process and manage documents and agreements with complete audit trail maintained.

“Conduct agreements seamlessly and securely in the cloud.” Enjoy complete digital document experiences with trusted electronic signatures.

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Collect Signatures from Anywhere

With the implementation of e-signature tool, we enable businesses to sign agreements from any device and anywhere. Digital documents can also be tracked and archived within enterprise systems easily for standardized key business processes.

Document Encryption

Security and privacy practices are deeply ingrained in the e-signature solutions that we offer so your documents and e-signature authentications are highly secured. Documents and data are all encrypted and protected by strong data encryption technologies and industry-standard security practices.

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