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Reduce Risk of Exposure at Workplaces

Hybrid Workplaces

Prevent the spread of coronavirus at work by arranging employees who reside in buildings with latest confirmed cases to stay home.

When putting the entire workforce in the work-from-home arrangement impairs business operations, corporates have to make the effort to protect employees by arranging who live in buildings with confirmed cases to stay home until they get a negative test result.

We have created a ready-to-use Power BI dashboard for corporates to auto-identify employees living in buildings resided by cases tested positive with notifications triggered by matched results.

"Keeping track with which employees are staying in buildings newly reported with confirmed cases can be time-consuming." Leave this to the dashboard and focus time and resources on value-added activities.

Dashboard Demo.png

Insights on Dashboard

• Which employee resides in buildings with latest confirmed cases announced by the government
• Percentage of employees' residence matched with the latest list of buildings with confirmed cases

System Requirements for Use of the Dashboard

A Power BI License

Installation Lead Time

One week (depending on the status of current technology environment)

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