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Rebuilding a New Online Registration Journey across Chat Apps

Registration process has been seen as one of the critical components for businesses to acquire new customers in the digital world as it is when they can make a good first impression online.

To reduce abandonment rate in the registration process and improve the conversion of leads, organizations in customer-facing industries start reimagining the registration journey for their targeted audience.

Challenges in the Online Registration Process

Drop-off rate in the registration process definitely rises with the number of fields and steps required a customer to complete. Overburdening the form fields usually results in irritated users and at the end it could hugely affect the conversion rate.

The most direct quick fix for this issue is to take away unnecessary fields. However, there are some fields which are essential and cannot be taken away. Brands therefore start exploring different solutions to keep what are necessary but not hurting the completion rate.

Interactive and Automated Registration Experience Across Chat Apps

With the rise of omnichannel solutions, chat apps become one of the helpful tools that brands leverage to rebuild their customer-facing registration journey across chat apps like WhatsApp.

Using omnichannel customer engagement solutions like Infobip's chatbot-building platform, Answers, brands can design and configure a chatbot over various communication channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messages or SMS, to create a user-friendly and seamless registration process.

By bringing the registration process to a chat environment, customers will no longer be aware of the multiple steps required to go through before a successful registration. With the chatbot's guidance, customers can complete the entire registration process through a texting experience. While chatbot helps collect basic information as well as documents, human agents can hop in the conversation where needed to offer additional assistance.

Omnichannel Automation for an Optimized Registration Journey

Aside from bringing in chatbots, brands usually also call for an omnichannel customer engagement hub, likes Infobip's Moment, to track abandoned registration process and trigger automated reminder messages to re-engage who dropped out of the registration journey.

By introducing automation and efficiency to the registration journey, brands are enabled to offer customers an efficient and smooth experience to complete the registration and submit required documents via chat apps that they are familiar with.

Meanwhile, using chatbots to answer FAQs can also lead to a significant reduction in customer service costs and manual efforts. Human agents are freed from the burden of handling similar inquiries repetitively and hence can focus on core work activities.

Talk to our team to get advice and information on how to scale your omnichannel engagement efforts and bring your customer journey to the next level.


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