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KBQuest awarded as the First Runner-Up at the Imply APAC Partner Hackathon 2021

In August, a team of analytics enthusiasts from KBQuest have been selected to attend the Imply APAC Partner Hackathon 2021 and they finished as the first runner-up at the end of the hackathon.

"It was a great opportunity for us to learn how to build high-performance analytics solutions on the Imply platform," the KBQuest hackathon team said, "through the collaboration and problem-solving exercise, this hackathon experience had accelerated our commercial innovation know-how."

After a series of brainstorming sessions, KBQuest hackathon team had decided to work out a solution to address the car parking problems that every metropolis is facing. The team inspected the issue from the perspective of urban planners, drivers and car park operators, in hopes of assisting them to utilize society resources, reducing illegal parking and bringing convenience to drivers.

Given the number of car park vacancy and drivers varies from time to time plus data is updated every minute 24/7, data volumes can become huge at times. The elasticity and high-availability of Imply's architecture enabled the solution to scale out easily based on data volume and optimize the resource allocation depending on actual needs.

Furthermore, since data storage and queries are separated, data volume will not affect the query performance which allows high query concurrency for data analytics.

The four pillars of Imply platform support the team's Parking Intelligence Solution through interactive queries from different dimensions, unlimited scale, aggregation of real-time & historical data and identify the best mix of price and performance.

"This was really an enjoyable and immersive experience for our team to brush up on our techniques," the KBQuest hackathon team said, "being the first runner-up at the hackathon is definitely a recognition for our outstanding performance in the six benchmarks (Impact, Complexity, Completeness, Creativity, Imply four pillars, leveraging Imply and Pivot, and A-ha moment). We will continue to expand our analysis skillset to realize more and more data possibilities."


About KBQuest

As a global digital transformation consulting firm with more than 1,300 professionals, KBQuest transforms clients’ digital journeys by committing to their success.

With our extensive industry experience and a strong track record in Cloud, Analytics and Digitalization, we tailor end-to-end digital strategies to transform businesses. Our consultation, strategy development, solution implementation and managed services empower clients to achieve their business goals through technology.

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