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Applying GPT and Azure OpenAI Service in the Construction Industry

GPT Application for Construction is created to help professionals in the construction industry with quicker, easier, and more efficient project management.

Our team of GPT experts were delighted to introduce the possibilities of GPT applications in the construction sector to 1000+ attendees at the CIC Webinar on Artificial Intelligence - OpenAI ChatGPT & GPT Model Application for Construction this Wednesday with live demonstration on the solution.

Aside from AI Complaint Management, Knowledge Management and AI CV Management, KBQuest is now bringing the benefits of GPT technology into construction projects for various professionals in the sector like Project Managers, Safety Officers, Quantity Surveyors, Designers and BIM Managers.

Mr. Shane Ng, Chief Architect at KBQuest, made several demonstrations across different scenarios in a construction project. GPT can be used to generate Project Execution Plans, list out safety guidelines for specific operations in different formats, or even generate architectural design in different styles simply from a sketch.

With our integration services, users are enabled to obtain answers from the GPT model with company-specific, domain-specific or region-specific knowledge that are manually incorporated to the model. For example, users can upload any lengthy documents and interact with GPT to get key information without spending time on reading the documents. Construction stakeholders can also have GPT to read and answer questions about Building Information Modelling (BIM) files, which save tons of time in the process of comprehending every detail of the BIM files.

While GPT is capable of accelerating lots of business operations as it revolutionizes the way how tasks are being processed, the importance of thorough review by humans should not be neglected.

Overall, attendees found GPT Application for Construction could be an exciting and disruptive transformation and they look to start integrating GPT in their projects and daily operations.

Get in touch to schedule a Free Consultation with our GPT experts to explore together how you can be benefited from integrating GPT into your business.


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