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Optimize Complaint Management with GPT and Azure OpenAI Service

ChatGPT has created a lot of buzz around the globe recently. By leveraging the power of the GPT models, we have created an AI Complaint Management solution built on Azure OpenAI Service and generative AI.

The end-to-end process of AI Complaint Management powered by GPT, Azure OpenAI Service and Power Platform
AI Complaint Management powered by GPT, Azure OpenAI Service and Power Platform

Complaint management is a major challenge for many organizations across industries. It requires prompt and effective responses in order to prevent customer attrition, reduce churn, and build brand loyalty.

By combining the power of GPT, Azure OpenAI Service and Power Platform, our AI Complaint Management solution optimizes the end-to-end complaint-handling procedures and automates tasks like case summarization and classification, internal and external communications, and resolution delivery.

Apart from complaint management, we have also started building other GPT powered solutions to help organizations tackle challenges and increase productivity across different business areas and processes, expanding the possibilities and values that GPT can bring to organizations.

Press Coverage

Read our customer success story about how the AI Complaint Management Solution help enterprises keep customers delighted and enhance the productivity significantly.

Learn more about our GPT Powered Technologies or Get in touch to explore how you can optimize business operations or unlock more possibilities with GPT and Azure.


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