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Customer Story: Combined power of Azure Services, Power Platform and GPT in Complaint Management

As technology has revolutionized the way customers interact with businesses, customers in today's era expect a faster, more personalized experience than ever before.

To meet these demands and increase customer satisfaction, organizations nowadays prioritize their investments in emerging technologies to ensure streamlined services and superior customer experiences.

Complaint management is always one of the most challenging business processes which needs to be handled in an as-fast-as-possible fashion to keep customers delighted and maintain their willingness to stay with the brand.

Their Challenges

With the wide array of customer complaints pouring in 24/7, our client sees a great need for AI and automation technologies to accelerate and optimize the complaint management process with quick resolution as well as analytics into customer feedback.

Our client is in search of a reliable AI solution to automate its daily operation of managing consumer complaints from various sources, such as grievance letters, online forms and phone calls. The entire process requires a great amount of manpower and considerable time for work tasks like complaint categorization, case summarization, mediation process with traders and case verification, etc.

Aside from some common complaints, there are more and more scenarios that cannot fit into existing categories, which may impact the case trend analysis. Thus, it is necessary for our client to develop a new workflow to cater all these special cases in order to perform accurate analysis and understand the complaint trends.

Our Solutions

We leveraged Natural Language Processing (NLP), an AI technology to process human language including text classification and text generation, in Azure Cognitive Services and Azure AutoML to train the model for automatic complaint categorization and deploy it as an API.

By implementing Azure Form Recognizer, OCR technology has been deployed for understanding complaint documents and extracting data like date, time and trader names for further case verification.

Our AI specialists have also applied GPT in the OpenAI Service, a zero-shot learning NLP model for text generation, to build the advanced artificial intelligence application which greatly optimizes below scenarios happening in the complaint handling procedures:

  • Case summarization

  • Case mediation via automated emails to corresponding traders or the consumers

  • Case interrogation (e.g. customer name, incident date, related products, transaction amount involved)

  • Event sequence listing

For data analysis, we use Azure Functions, a serverless service, to trigger the data preparation and analysis in Python, and hence the results can be consumed by PowerBI for data visualization and reporting.

Impacts and Benefits

With a wide range of different AI services in Azure, our solution can be implemented with a fast turnaround as there is no need of building from scratch.

As a zero-shot learning model, current version of GPT has been trained and runs inference on Azure AI infrastructure, significantly improved efficiency and accuracy in a wide variety of natural language tasks like complaint classification, summarization and case enquiries.

Python offers a variety of machine learning libraries that can be used to analyze data generated from AI services. With the integration of PowerBI, our client can easily view, navigate and analyze the results for detailed insights into how the business is performing and adjust the processes accordingly.

As a result, all the mundane and repetitive tasks can be managed with our AI-powered solution, hugely reducing the manpower and time used in the complaint management operations. Our client can focus on resolving the root causes behind why complaints arise.

Learn more about our GPT Powered Solutions or Get in touch to explore how you can optimize daily operations or unlock more possibilities with GPT and Azure.


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