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Employee Experience is as Important as Customer Experience

We always talk about how organizations can bring their customer experience to the next level, this time we will focus on ways that organizations can enhance their employee experience (EX) through the intranet transformation.

Your employees are as valuable as much as your customers. The undeniable link between the employee and customer experience is always overlooked or neglected. According to a report from Forbes, 89% of revenue growth leaders state that improving employee experience leads directly to happier customers and eventually revenue growth.

A successful EX-focused digital workplace strategy strengthens a company's resilience to crises, builds stronger staff bonding, enhances employee satisfaction, and increases the likelihood of higher ROI.

Moving to the Hybrid Workplace

As the transition to the new hybrid workplace has grown more popular than ever, the sense of being disconnected at work and from colleagues has become more common in the remote workforce.

Organizations increasingly rely on technology to keep their employees engaged in this new mode of distributed workforce. While employees want to connect with coworkers more than ever before, it's where brands can step in to help facilitate the bonding and create an inclusive community at work.

Disjointed Employee Experience

Traditional intranets were usually created to communicate information, corporate news and employee-related materials in a one-way direction. When it comes to training and development, organizations might utilize other software or platforms to conduct training courses; expense claims and leave applications might be handled by another form system or emails.

We've seen companies providing their staff with disjointed products and experiences than they do to their consumers. With the variety of software and platforms, the problems of dispersed information, broken processes and poor communications result in shattered employee experience, which leads to discontent at work, decreased productivity and high turnover.

A Modern Workplace

A modern intranet should be the glue to hold everything together at work. It is a all-in-one workplace to facilitates employees' daily work and social interactions with seamless user experiences, so they do not have to jump around different applications.

A comprehensive intranet serves as a hub for all productivity tools that employees need to use and interact effectively with colleagues. Transforming your legacy intranet allows you to better your employee experience for higher productivity and stronger peer connection.

  • Modern and tidy UI design with an employee-centric UX

  • Foster a proactive interactive culture with a collection of apps with a wide range of features to use for work on a daily basis and boost engagement

  • Enhance productivity by making it the single go-to destination for all essential corporate information

  • Improve flexibility as employees can access the intranet anywhere anytime with different devices

  • Enable rapid self-service site creation with low or no code solutions

  • Protect organization information with advanced security layers

With automation and AI integrated, a modern workplace can even help employees achieve more, for example:

  • Create workflows that leverage extracted metadata to streamline business processes

  • Use AI to capture and tag structured and unstructured content

  • Deliver highly personalized content experiences to users based on their activities and roles

  • Build chatbots to solve employees' simple queries

By tracking the usage and engagement metrics, administrators and teams are able to keep improving the employee experience, instead of treating the intranet as a noticeboard for announcement without knowing whether the platform is truly helping employees at work.

Some bigger organizations are even planning to build their virtual headquarters in the metaverse, which can serve as an "immersive version of intranet" that further facilitates collaborations and connections among employees in the remote and hybrid reality.

Employee experience is seldom explored as an important aspect, but it has direct impacts on your business performance as well as the quality of customer experience your organization can deliver. Therefore, more organizations are expanding the budget for developing a modern workplace that strengthens the cohesiveness of employees at work and supports the rise of the new hybrid world.

Talk to our Digital Team and explore how you can transform the intranet for a better connected workplace.


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