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Customer Story: Manage App Performance from the Perspective of End Users

Organizations are relying more heavily on using applications to engage, retain and transact with their customers. Online users nowadays expect flawless experience with applications, otherwise, they might just simply move on.

The demand of a perfectly smooth performance from users, and the growing complexity of technology landscape have put organizations under massive pressure to protect their brand reputation and app retention.

This is why more organizations are now giving Application Performance Management (APM) a priority - proactively monitoring different facets of the environment to prevent technical issues ruining the user experience and failing customer expectations.

Our Client

As a property developer which constructs and operates residential, office and retail spaces worldwide with its headquarter based in Hong Kong, our client offers their members a mobile application comprising an information platform and membership experience.

With a strong growth in the number of app users, our client spent a great deal of time every day to investigate and repair application issues. As the need of ensuring a flawless user experience arises, we were engaged to develop a solution helping them resolve performance issues in an agile approach and minimize the loss of availability.

Their Challenges

Operational Gaps and Data Silos

Without a comprehensive visibility into the entire application stack, it was challenging to identify the relations among every component, connection point and user interactions. The lack of a unified view across front-end and back-end monitoring caused our client a huge amount of time to track down the root cause of app crashing and other errors detected.

Need of a Streamlined Incident Management Process

A high mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) can result in negative impacts on the overall user experience as well as business sales. Hence, the capability to identify and mitigate application performance issues related to how users interact with links and buttons in the application has become essential to our client.

Our Solution and Business Impacts

Reduction in MTTR

Through monitoring the performance of activities across all transactions, our client is empowered to fix problems in an analytics-driven approach with all the details they need to diagnose application-related issues.

(To protect customer's data, data shown here is unreal and just for showcasing the solution's features.)

Contextual data is captured for every transaction with dynamic baselining for end-to-end response time as well as a full system-wide data recording. With the AI-powered engine, our client are able to identify the root causes much faster with problem isolation and achieve a significant reduction in MTTR.

(To protect customer's data, data shown here is unreal and just for showcasing the solution's features.)

End-User Experience Monitoring and Synthetic Monitoring

The correlation between end user and synthetic performance data allows faster identification and rapid troubleshoot issues like glitches, crashes and page load details.

By monitoring the user interactions, our client understands in real time how their end users interact with their application across devices, OS and browser types covering their in-app behaviors as well as infrastructure activities.

We also leveraged synthetic monitoring to simulate the complete user journeys with data instruments and measurements to spot error conditions before really impacting their users.

Mapping Performance Metrics to User Experience Journey

The deployment of customer experience journey mapping gives our client an aggregated view of every session across the application. They can now visualize key user journeys and correlate performance metrics, like traffic and drop-off rate, for each step in their user journey.

This insightful data mapping assists our client to evaluate the most-travelled paths in the customer journey and drill down on each step to determine which parts could be optimized for greater user benefits.

(To protect customer's data, data shown here is unreal and just for showcasing the solution's features.)

With the great reduction in MTTR and the complete end-to-end visibility across the application performance, our client are now able to resolve problems like app crashing and long app load time that encountered by their end users, and ultimately, provide a stable and flawless application experience for their members.

Get in touch to explore how you can supercharge your application monitoring and ensure a steady customer experience.


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