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Customer Story: End-to-end Cloud Migration to Boost Customer Acquisition

To adapt and win in the constant changing world, the transition of services and applications to cloud has become indispensable for organizations and enterprises at all sizes. In this post, we will go over one of our customer stories about cloud migration and managed services to showcase our migration practices which embarked a successful cloud journey for our customer.

Our Customer

Our customer is a department in the Government of Hong Kong which manages various public facilities and provides cultural activities around Hong Kong with 10,000+ employees.

Their Challenges

The existing architecture of our client was not cloud-ready and they were concerned by the IT budget as well as the total cost of ownership (TCO). Given the department owns a number of heavy-traffic web services for the public, they wanted to ensure a consistent and high application performance on the cloud enabling them to deliver web services which are 99.9% available. Our client therefore was looking for a seamless cloud migration for their expansion, which required an enormous amount of on-premise IT infrastructure resources and an all-rounded managed services provider to take care of their cloud resource management.

Our Solutions

Our team of Azure experts opted for an advanced and flexible approach in order to meet our client’s high availability architecture requirements. At the beginning of the roadmap to cloud, we offered onsite and offsite consultation services to migrate their sever farm from legacy, unsupported operating systems and application servers to cloud-ready specifications. To carry out the migration, we had offered an uninterrupted change management and complete one-stop managed services solution that made their go-cloud initiative a great success.

To ensure a high level of operational performance and fast recovery of their public heavy-traffic web services, we included several best-in-class Azure services including disaster recovery, geographic redundancy as well as auto scaling. Our team also deployed the Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution and Anti-DDOS solution to meet their network server security requirements.

Business Impacts

We offered the client an end-to-end cloud managed services, acting as their cloud partner and consultant to empower them being an early adopter of cloud in the government.

Thorny issues of predicting cloud budgets had been tackled through our full-range managed services. The application performance across their web services had also been significantly enhanced through the scalability in Azure. The transformation of their legacy public web warm to the extendable and modernized web farm was a great success. Our client were very satisfied with the scalability and elasticity of the cloud resource offering which completely met all their objectives and helped them overcome the challenges emerged from the expansion of web services.

As an additional benefit from KBQuest’s managed service, our client gained agility and responsiveness to market demands by shortening the time to market with fast deployment of new applications, which boosted their customer acquisition rate as a favourable outcome.

Talk to our team to get advice and information about our cloud migration services to empower your business to boost agility and responsiveness to the market.


COVID-19 Response

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