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Customer Story: Cloud Security & Infrastructure to extend the possibilities for new technologies

To adapt and win in the constant changing world, the transition of services and applications to cloud has become indispensable for organizations and enterprises at all sizes. In this post, we will go over one of our customer stories about cloud migration and managed services to showcase our migration practices which embarked a successful cloud journey for our customer.

Our Customer

Our customer is a major pan-Asian retailer in processing and wholesaling food and personal hygiene products in the Pacific region and China. With its headquarter based in Hong Kong, is has 200,000+ employees.

Their Challenges

On one hand, our client did not have enough resources to handle their Azure infrastructure and manage their daily operation, on the other hand, they had to continue the development of their infrastructure in Singapore and Hong Kong. Therefore, they were on the lookout for consultants who can fully understand their existing environment and provide consultation on the ongoing development with flexibility and extendibility maintained.

Our Solutions

We built a new landing zone of the Azure infrastructure for the client and offered first-tier Azure managed services to support the development of their new landing zone environment. On top of our onsite consultation services, we also provided offsite support for overseas users. What is more, we also delivered data analytics solution for them by using Azure Data Analytics Services.

Business Impacts

With our professional Azure managed services, cloud operations have never been that easy for our client, where labor costs and efforts in managing the cloud environment is hugely reduced. Having Azure as their major cloud platform provider, our client has now extended their possibilities to a wide range of other Microsoft solutions, as well as empowered to gain insights from their data by leveraging our data analytics solutions using Azure Data Analytics Services.

Talk to our team to get advice and information about our cloud migration services to empower your business to boost agility and competitiveness in the market.


COVID-19 Response

We are committed to ensuring you are digitally strong enough for the new world after COVID-19. We see opportunities in challenges - let's lead the change together.


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