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Customer Stories: Blending AI with IoT Applications for Infection Control in Property Management

The rise of contact-free economy: three must-consider digital strategies in a business continuity plan

Public Hygiene Concerns Urge the Kickoff of IoT Projects

With different new regulations in place to ensure the safety of building visitors and occupants, adoptions of IoT technologies in shopping centers, campuses and Grade A office buildings have been significantly accelerated over the past few months. Building entry points, washrooms, elevators, and canteens have been identified as high-risk areas for infectious disease transmission. By leveraging different types of IoT sensors with AI analytics, recently we helped property owners and managers to closely monitor their site conditions and maintain a healthier indoor environment for their customers and occupants.

IoT and AI

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of objects embedded with IoT sensors which enable them to communicate real-time data with other devices and systems. IoT technology is designed to create an ecosystem that connects everything to generate data that we can analyze and use to achieve desired outcomes efficiently. By pairing up with AI, IoT technology brings in the capability of proactively monitoring and automating prompt responses for property management.

Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) Management

With IoT sensors installed to monitor the temperature, humidity and indoor air quality (IAQ) in enclosed areas like washrooms, elevators and meeting rooms, we helped property managers to keep track with the indoor air quality conditions in these facilities alongside intuitive dashboards which show any abnormalities that require site staff to address instantly.

Crowd Management

To minimize the risk of exposure to the virus, property owners need to maintain the occupant density according to indoor capacity limitations. We connected IoT sensors with real-time people counting system to help property management team monitor their indoor crowd density with alerts configured to trigger when the traffic exceeds the safe occupancy limitation.

Social Distancing and Space Management

At campuses and office buildings, we set up sensors to monitor the real-time utilization of classrooms, meeting rooms and facilities. To give property managers as well as the occupants a complete picture of the usage status of different areas, we built a property intelligent dashboard which is displayed at different locations within the property areas. Consequently, with the instant access to information of the space availability, on the one hand occupants can easily avoid peak usage, and on the other hand property managers are enabled to improve optimizations for all rooms and facilities.

By the same token, we deployed the same IoT solution at shopping malls to keep track with the real-time availability of washrooms on different floors, so customers or tenants can avoid long queues and crowded washrooms.

Full-cycle IoT Solutions

By offering end-to-end IoT solutions that cover different kinds of IoT devices, connectivity and data platforms, we assure property owners of fast and on-point IoT implementations. From planning to implementation, our IoT and data team develop and deliver the best-fit IoT applications to help property owners achieve their business outcomes and overcome any challenges – just like how we assisted customers to maintain a healthy environment for their occupants amid the public health crisis.


The deployment of IoT technology does not only address today’s challenges, it also sets a perfect stage for tomorrow’s data strategies. Looking to the long term, with all the data generated from IoT sensors, property owners can work with a data partner to equip the power of churning through all data and reap actionable insights to achieve business outcomes like operational effectiveness, better customer experience, cost efficiency and integrated marketing optimization.

Learn more about KBQuest full-cycle IoT solutions, or talk to our team to get advice on maintaining a healthier indoor environment for your building occupants and visitors.


COVID-19 Response

We are committed to ensuring you are digitally strong enough for the new world after COVID-19. We see opportunities in challenges - let's lead the change together.


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