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KBQuest won the Digital – IT Services Award

We are proud to receive the Digital - IT Services Award for our AI-powered document intelligence solution, Ai-Knowie, from the Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards 2020. Our work with clients across various industries on transforming their document review and processing has hugely reduced their manual efforts and operational costs with much shorter turnaround time. With Ai-Knowie, enterprises are enabled to provide their customers with a better customer journey with 60% shorter turnaround time and instant service – which hence greatly improve their competitiveness as well as customer loyalty.

Ai-Knowie helps enterprises to digital transform the way they deal with documents & data through 3 stages: ingest, enrich and optimize. Our proprietary AI system leverages machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and other AI technologies to understand physical and digital documents, then extract and enrich key data for optimizations like RPA, business intelligence (BI) and assisting decision making, etc.

Last but not least, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our Ai-Knowie team for bringing significant impacts to businesses through automation - and leading KBQuest to be recognized as one of Hong Kong’s leading companies in technology innovation.

Learn more about the solution.

Contact our Ai-Knowie team to find out how your organization can be benefited from automation technologies.


About KBQuest

As a global digital transformation consulting firm with more than 1,300 professionals, KBQuest transforms clients’ digital journeys by committing to their success.

With our extensive industry experience and a strong track record in Cloud, Analytics and Digitalization, we tailor end-to-end digital strategies to transform businesses. Our consultation, strategy development, solution implementation and managed services empower clients to achieve their business goals through technology.

We guide businesses to outperform the competition.


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