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KBQuest presented its AI Facial Recognition Solution at the AI+U Exhibition 2019

To showcase how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is breaking grounds everywhere nowadays, the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks organized the AI+U Explore & Experience Exhibition last Friday and invited KBQuest to join other 70 exhibitors to demonstrate own AI technologies and implementations at various scenarios and industries.

At this first-ever AI focused exhibition hosted by the HKSTP, KBQuest presented its AI Facial Recognition solution in a partnership with Yitu, a pioneer of artificial intelligence research. Among the six key focused themes (Smart Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail and E-commerce, Finance, Platform and Next Gen), KBQuest took part in the Retail focused area to talk about its customer-centric AI solution, Ai-Kehu – a solution bringing the power of AI to brick and mortar businesses via precise facial recognition technology and sophisticated analysis.

With an accuracy of 99% in face identification and sophistication in data analysis, in fact, the retail industry is not the only place this solution has been applied in. Ranging from identity authentication at security points to real name verification at finance institutions; and from access control at office buildings to VIP experience at brick-and-mortar businesses, KBQuest empowered different parties across various industries to reach a new level of smartness and digital transformation through AI facial recognition technology.

Learn more about our Ai-Kehu

About KBQuest

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