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KBQuest CEO Eric Moy's interview on AI Digital Services Guard

In the increasingly tech-savvy world, digital performance monitoring has become one of the key elements to maintain an enterprise's market leading position. A predictive maintenance intelligence solution is hence a must to ensure consistent digital services and unimpacted revenue in businesses.

KBQuest CEO Eric Moy was interviewed at the Microsoft HK AI Summit to talk about how KBQuest, as a digital transformation consultant, helps enterprises prioritize digital performance problems, reduce false alarms and predict potential downtime with AI Digital Services Guard.

A tiny disturbance in the digital user experience can possibly turn customers away to competitors; an unexpected breakdown at no matter internal or external digital services can bring a business huge adverse impact on its revenue as well as many other intangible areas. Not surprisingly many enterprises have already been equipped with tools to monitor applications’ performance. However, with the huge amount of alarms knocking the door of the IT department, it can be a difficulty for IT professionals to identify false alarms and prioritize problems promptly.

Leveraging the wealth of data, AI and machine learning, KBQuest's AI Digital Services Guard can reduce false alarms by 90% and predict possible outbreaks through pattern recognition. The capability of foreseeing potential downtime allows enterprises to be proactive in maintaining consistent mission-critical services. AI and machine learning play a very crucial part in empowering IT professionals to locate root causes of issues much more efficiently. As a result, AI Digital Services Guard decreases the war room time by 90% and the mean time to repair by 50%.

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