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Enterprises showed a keen interest in Ai-Washroom

KBQuest was invited to exhibit its IoT solution, Ai-Washroom, which is designed to better the washroom management as well as user experience, at the 2019 Hong Kong Cloud Summit hosted by Huawei last week.

More than 1,000 customers, partners and industry representatives attended the event to discover how cloud computing and AI can help enterprises adapt to the intelligent future. KBQuest started driving digital transformations for business via its diverse IoT solutions few years ago, and Ai-Washroom has been one of its hottest IoT solutions.

Through transforming washrooms into a smart and communicating environment, Ai-Washroom takes washroom management and user experience to the next level. Human motions, number of users, consumables usage, bin fullness and odor level are all monitored in real time. Push notifications will be sent to alert management teams when attentions or actions are required.

Replacing routine checks, Ai-Washroom not only offers visitors a better quality of service, it also enables management teams to handle safety or hygiene issues with faster response time. Combining with the above two benefits, flexibility in manpower planning and operation optimizations are also two major reasons for many enterprises agreeing on the need of acquiring Ai-Washroom.

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