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Chat with Company Documents - Enhancing Internal Knowledge Retrieval with GPT

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In this digital age, we’ve become adept at using search engines to find answers swiftly. Whether it’s trivia, recipes, or troubleshooting tips, we rely on the vast knowledge available at our fingertips. However, when it comes to navigating lengthy internal documents within our organizations, relying on keyword searching might take us long to locate the accurate answer that we are looking for. Therefore, a different approach is needed — one that aligns with our specific context and terminology, and with enterprise-grade security.

Private GPT - Company's Own Search Engine


Private GPT applies Large Language Models (LLMs) within the secure confines of your organization.

Internal Document Processing

Deploying an AI assistant that understands your company-specific context and terminology. Private GPT allows you to apply LLMs (such as GPT-4 Turbo) directly to your internal documents. Whether it’s policy manuals, technical specifications, or project reports, this framework adapts seamlessly.

Security and Privacy

Private GPT operates exclusively within an organization’s environment, representing a robust framework of privacy that sensitive information remains confidential and well-protected.

Unlocking Efficiency with ChatGPT

Uploading Corporate Documents

A Private GPT offers employees a platform to engage in natural language conversations with their company documents. Instead of having to manually search through folders or relying solely on keyword searches, employees can simply upload the document they need answers from.


Natural Language Queries

By asking questions just as they would on a search engine like “what’s our parental leave policy?” or “how do I expense travel meals?”, the Private GPT-powered chatbot processes these queries using advanced large language models to understand context and intent.


Immediate, Accurate Responses

After scanning the uploaded documents, the system extracts relevant information, and provides concise answers right away, eliminating the enquiry process from minutes to seconds.

Beneficial Outcomes



Employees save valuable time by bypassing lengthy searches. Quick answers facilitate faster decision-making and work efficiency.



Private GPT processes everything within company’s own environment which means no data leaves your premises. Internal documents and sensitive information remain confidential.



Every employee receives the same accurate information, minimizing potential confusion and misinterpretation that might occur when different support staff provide varying answers.



Chat with Documents is a simple yet transformative concept. Just as we engage with colleagues to seek advice or clarification, employees can now converse with their own documents. It’s like having a knowledgeable AI co-worker who knows every policy, guideline, and procedure. By fostering these meaningful interactions, enterprises empower their workforce with accurate insights and boost work efficiency significantly. 

Learn More and get in touch to explore together how GPT can bring to help your business unlock the world of efficiency, effectiveness across different business unites.


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