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Ai-Kehu is transforming the Offline Shopping Experience

In an exclusive interview on the press NowTV, Ai-Kehu, an A.I. Customer Satisfaction Analytics Engine bringing business insights to corporate through the reflection on customer sentiments, has its first debut publicly to the global retail and the technology markets. Eric Moy, the CEO of KBQuest, explained in the interview on the original ideas behind the product along with its demonstrated A.I. Dolls embedded with sensors that can help observe the environment of retail stores for customer behaviour analysis.

Ai-Kehu is a product realizing the next generation global retail marketing and customer analytics solution. The product is targeted by customers compassing retail, banking, entertainment, hospitality, education and more. It aims at solving our customers’ challenges like the lack of insights on real-time customer satisfaction, difficulty for the frontline staff to deal with in-store ad-hoc situations, and the need for visualizing information so to provide instant alerts. It also helps observing a shop environment, identify abnormal situation and provide proactive notification with full of situational insights.

Ai-Kehu solves many customer challenges by largely reducing the huge efforts in collecting real-time customer data and by providing a creative way to scientifically measure the customer satisfaction,” said Eric Moy, the CEO of KBQuest.

Ai-Kehu was founded by a team of IT professionals with years of experience and expertise anchored on helping customers put together systems of intelligence. Learn more at: www

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