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Microsoft Teams Governance Health Check

Take a full scan of your MS Teams tenant in just a few hours

What's in it for me?

The number of teams in your tenant

The number of potentially "harmful" teams

Teams with guest access

Teams with missing owners

Inactive groups (90 days)

Public teams

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Get a Free Health Check

With a free health check for your Microsoft Teams tenant plus 2 working sessions with our experts, our goal is to help you gain a more assisted and guided experience with Microsoft Teams governance. 

Microsoft Teams Health Check

Make Microsoft Teams easy to collaborate, manage and govern


Decrease teams creation per employee by half


Save 80% of the management time
associated with the team life cycle


Divide by two the number of
harmful teams


Discover where you are with Teams Sprawl

As an IT admin in charge of Microsoft 365 & Teams, you find that Teams adoption comes with challenges: too many unnecessary teams are created, employees complain about feeling lost, you’re unsure if Teams are secure and compliant.

Scans your Microsoft Teams tenant and provides a health overview:​

  • How many teams in your tenant​

  • How many potentially "harmful" teams: guest access, missing owners, inactive teams, public teams


Get your Governance Score and Perform Quick Wins

Get a review of the results with and understand where you are in term of Teams Governance as compared to the other organization through our Governance score​.

Take immediate actions to perform quick wins on the worst harmful teams: 

  • Change privacy

  • Ask teams owner to remove unnecessary guest

  • Archive inactive teams

Improve your Teams Lifecycle Management

Assists IT admins by providing templates & automation:​

  • Ready-to-set governance​

  • Life cycle management​

  • Business processes in Teams


Start understanding where you are with Teams Governance,

and better your Teams Governance framework at free

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