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eCommerce Consulting Services

Digital Expansion

With our comprehensive range of eCommerce capabilities, we grow your eCommerce business together.

A professional consulting session is the foundation of any successful eCommerce business as it helps you to find out the right direction and set the perfect stage for winning in the digital world.

Starting from evaluating the existing status to craft the best-fit plan, to finding the most profitable strategies with data insights, to building the required back-end digital infrastructure to achieve your business objectives, we guide you to succeed with your eCommerce business.

"Running an eCommerce platform without strategy and insights is like driving blind." A step-by-step consultation helps you define requirements and deliverables for achieving your business goals.

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Performance Analysis and Market Research

We help you develop the strategies by identifying quick wins and potential sales opportunities through analyzing your business, product selections, customer experience (UX) and competitors with SWOT Analysis, Pain Point Analysis, Customer Journey Mapping, etc.

Define Functional Requirements

By meeting with different related business units in your organization, we can define the required functions for your online platform to fulfill your expectations and achieve your objectives: Catalogue Features, Multi-site Management, Shopping Cart, Social Engagement, etc.

Examine Integrations of Business and eCommerce Systems

To enable data transfer between your front-end eCommerce platforms and other business systems for efficient operations, we evaluate and examine the best way to connect your eCommerce site with other online sales channels and back-end systems like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Point of Sale (POS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), inventory, accounting, and marketing tools, etc.

Digest digital marketing data insights

With proper connections set up for your eCommerce channels, we enable you to perform trend analysis and web analytics. By digesting all data generated from your online platforms, you will have a complete picture of how your sales channels performed and how to improve traffic as well as conversions.

Lead the change so you get through tough challenges.

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