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 Move Against the 

 Rough Current 

Many companies are still seeing Digital Transformation as a choice - but this is no longer true. The uneasiness and rapid changes in the environment have crippled many businesses, and some of them might even fail to sustain. However, not all companies suffer the same fate.

Get through tough times:

Extend your business into the digital world. 




Businesses which continue to grow and sustain in these tough times are those have adopted new digital ways of working. While digitalizing the back-office processes bring companies long-term benefits, digital transforming the way you make money not only save you from the risk of being phased out, it also helps you not to miss out any business opportunity in the digital world.

"Online shopping and transactions have got a huge boost over last 6 months."

Online services are significantly gaining importance across various sectors, ranging from retails to educations, from public services to eateries. Your customers have changed, and this is the strongest reason for your business to change. This is the time you should get to grips with digital transformation so you can move upstream against the rough current.

To extend your business into the digital world, we offer a series of digital transformation solutions with a broad range of expertise.

Digital Consulting

Orchestrate a successful end-to-end Digital Transformation (DT)

  • Identification of DT possibilities - Combining the strength of our focus areas - AI, Analytics, Automation and Cloud, we work with you to analyze and discover new possibilities for sustainability and growth. 

  • DT Journey is unique for every company - One shoe doesn’t fit all. We pull from the bench of diverse teams and alliances to customize your digital transformation journey that fits your business requirements to maximize the impacts and ROI of being digital. 

  • Comprehensive DT strategy & plan - With our extensive expertise and cross-functional approach, we innovate and customize a portfolio of initiatives that target your acute pain points and advance your business results.

Online Platform


Build your business in the digital world

  • Experience-driven online platform development - Our team specializing in web design, online platform development and user experience (UX) assist brands to provide their customers extraordinary digital experience that are aligned to organizational objectives.

  • Web content management - Following our in-depth assessment of your business and operational requirements, our team create, manage and optimize your digital customer experience with recommended web content management system (CMS) to facilitate your customer service needs.

Web & Experience

Data Analytics

Understand your customers for maximized ROI

  • Visualization of visitor browsing behaviors - We build your business an overarching digital platform to manage and personalize a seamless experience for your online customers, not only including who browse your websites, but also those who interact with your business across different channels.

  • Engage visitors with most relevant information - Leveraging AI and putting an appropriate third-party software in place, we enable you to track interactions at customers' every touchpoint and gain insights for marketing success.

  • Continuous refinements on customer experience - Our team maximize your ROI of integrating data analytics into your online platforms by combining customer purchase histories and browsing contents to ensure your digital customer experience is on point.

Online Payment Service

Cover your customers' preference on payment channels

  • Payment gateway integration – Allows your online business to securely accept payment through different payment channels, including credit cards and various mobile payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, PPS, FPS, AliPay, WeChat Pay, etc.

  • Transaction monitoring – We help you to keep an eye on all transactions in real time to find out if there are failures or abnormalities that may impact the payment journey adversely.

Online Service/App

Performance Management

Create a seamless customer-centric user experience

  • Comprehensive visibility into system performance – Every aspect of your online service is monitored, from your customers’ digital footprint to the application coding and even the back-end databases are all accessible in one place at all time.

  • Keep your mission-critical online service uninterrupted - Leveraging the wealth of data, AI and machine learning, we provide predictive insights to avoid unprepared downtime of your digital services before problems arise.

  • Continual improvement on user experience – Your online service’s performance can adversely impact your brand image and revenue in this digital age. We help you understand the needs of your customers from data and better the end user experience.

External Threat Intelligence

Protect your brand from cyberattack

  • Extensive Threat Intelligence Monitoring – We utilize local threat information and unique intelligence channels for comprehensive threat detection and provide you with insights of current relative activities on the dark web.

  • Keep you out of reputational damage – We constantly look out for phishing websites, domains and fake social media accounts to save you and your customers from possible phishing attack.

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