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Maximum Protection in the Cyber Pandemic

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A sharp increase in cyberattacks is seen during Covid-19

Technology has been a silver lining during the pandemic – at the same time, since everything has been connected and moved online, digital transformation has opened up new avenues of cyberattacks.

The trend of remote working arrangement has also given rise to more opportunities for cyberattacks and data breaches through tools like VPNs used on employees' own devices. Hence, to maximize the protection against cyber security threats, organizations are strongly advised to undergo a thorough security checkup to uncover any hidden threats so they can address those risks on time.

In a collaboration with Check Point, we now invite organizations to sign up for a free security check up at no cost to understand the security status of your organization’s networks, which also identify security threats your organization is exposed to.


At the end of the checkup, you will receive a comprehensive report including:

Sample pages in the report that you will receive after the checkup:

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