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KBQuest Named Winner of Microsoft Hong Kong 2020 Top SI Partner

KBQuest Named Wiiner of Microsoft Hong Kong Top SI Partner

KBQuest, the global digital transformation consulting firm, was once again awarded as the winner of 2020 Microsoft Hong Kong Top System Integrator Partner.

As a leading player in AI, automation, data analytics and cloud intelligence, KBQuest has long been developing a close strategic partnership with Microsoft to innovate and offer digital transformation solutions to organizations of all types. KBQuest was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for delivering exceptional Microsoft-based solutions and services during this unusual year.

Considering the drastic challenges all organizations are now facing, KBQuest sees the surge of needs in automation, data analytics and cloud computing across industries and job functions. While brands are forced to accelerate their digital transformation strategies during the year of uncertainties, KBQuest plays a critical role in navigating and supporting customers to make their transformation journey a success for long-term benefits.

Following the recognition last year as the Hong Kong SAR Partner of the Year, KBQuest distinguished itself with its end-to-end intelligent solutions and professional services to address business complex challenges for customers around the globe. The award KBQuest receives this year is definitely a representation of its continuous excellence in innovation and implementation of intelligent solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Learn more about the award here

About KBQuest

As a global digital transformation consulting firm with more than 1,300 professionals, KBQuest transforms clients’ digital journeys by committing to their success.

With our extensive industry experience and a strong track record in Cloud, Analytics and Digitalization, we tailor end-to-end digital strategies to transform businesses. Our consultation, strategy development, solution implementation and managed services empower clients to achieve their business goals through technology.

We guide businesses to outperform the competition.


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