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GDPR - Have you actioned properly?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is all about being responsible for data. It has been a month since this new set of regulations have been effective but has everyone actioned strategically and properly on it?

"Dealing with GDPR is not a small task, it can feel like a daunting journey to many of you. We, as one of the most preferred partners of Microsoft, hope to ease your journey with our customized services and Microsoft’s solutions."

3 big reasons we should take GDPR seriously:

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Everyone likes to work with trusted partners and corporates with certifications showing their appropriate measures and protections in respect of data – so do our partners and clients. GDPR provides a corporate the perfect authoritative certification to be used to deliver trust.


Failure to comply with the GDPR could be costly. Companies that do not meet the requirements and obligations could face substantial fines, which can be up to 200 million Euro or 4% of global annual revenue, and more important, a company’s reputational harm.

Obligation and Commitment

It’s every corporate's obligation to support the privacy rights of individuals. Companies who hold personal data should take the responsibility to protect their partners and customers from information disclosure and ultimately cyber-attack. Therefore, corporate should take the initiative to protect their data in order to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

GDPR and data privacy are an ongoing process and many companies might still feel struggled with how to deal with it. Now we would like to recommend that you can tackle it with KBQuest's services and Microsoft's products in four phases:

  1. Discover – Locate and Identify personal data you collect and evaluate data across your organization

  2. Manage - Govern how personal data is used and accessed with data classification

  3. Protect - Establish threat intelligence to prevent, detect, and respond to data breaches and risks

  4. Report – Streamline steps for documentation and manage data requests and breach notifications

Complying with GDPR could be a long progress - yet it is a must for companies to pay attention to.


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