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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Green Space Intelligence

Green Space Intelligence.png

Reducing environmental impact and improving wellbeing
through technology adoption

Digital Concierge

Reduce the risk of virus transmission to maintain a healthy workforce

Maintain humanized touch with better flexibility, resiliency and scalability for frontline workers

Digitalize the workflow for more effective operational data collection

24/7 Customer Engagement 

Member Intelligence

Unlock insights for customer acquisition and retention

Empower brands to perform analysis and achieve business goals

Optimize space planning with customer buying pattern

AI Hygiene

Maintain environmental hygiene and at optimal level through IoT sensors 

Leveraging intelligent robot technology for manpower optimization

Improve visitor satisfaction with a better quality of visit experience

Indoor Comfort

Provide a full visibility into air quality across the entire building on one single dashboard 

Reduce incident response time with proactive alerts for abnormal incidents detected

Increase energy efficiency to reduce carbon footprint effectively

Building Services Smart Monitoring

Keep track of energy consumption over buildings for analysis

Correlate user behavior and energy consumption to identify energy efficiency opportunities

Digital Sense

Identify & understand the behavior Patterns across all physical locations

Increase customer engagement by remapping the modern customer journey through a cognitive AI-Powered CRM solution

Enable omnichannel experiences

Security Control

Proactive monitoring in real time 

Shorter response time whenever there are suspicious incidents detected

Ensure sufficient security with IoT-based door access

Digitalization is the foundation of ESG

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