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The Perfect Match
With Your Audience

Match Your Customers' Preferences


Intelligent Chatbot

Drag-and-drop code free interface

Omnichannel deployment on preferred channels

AI-powered NLP engine understands your customers' intents 

Contextual live-agent takeover whenever is needed

Extensive analytics into conversational and session interactions

Share different types of content via native message


Cloud Contact Center 

Centralize communications on any channels like email, Chat apps and much more

Automatic workflows to support high demand and waiting strategy

Interactive voice response (IVR) to support simple enquiries with self-service

360 view of customer with complete profiles and customer cards

Match customers to the same agent with automatic workload distribution

Complete and accurate data for analytics and measuring CSAT


Customer Data Hub

Customer insights into engagement, conversions and responses

Unified profiles to offer single view into customer habits and preferences

Easy deployment of data tracking via JavaScript SDK, iOS, Android SDK, etc.

Data is securely stored in the cloud

Connect data seamlessly via Open API


Engagement Platform

Codeless editor for personalized multi-step campaign creations

AI-powered send time optimization, A/B testing and goal tracking

Simple to create embeddable forms to turn visitors into leads 

Cross-channel connection like email, Chat Apps, RCS, SMS and much more

Website and app events tracking 

Campaign performance monitoring with funnel and events analytics 


KBQuest x Infobip

One Platform for Seamless Customer Experiences

Intelligent Chatbot

Create smart virtual assistant to help with customer support

Customer Data Hub

Store all your customer information in a unified place to support best behavior-based customer experience

Cloud Contact Center

One centralized workspace to manage every omnichannel interaction with your customers on any channel such as chat apps, social media, email, and much more

Engagement Platform

Design and personalize customer journeys to suit your customers


Start building the Perfect Match relationship with your customers

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