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KBQuest launches Ai-Knowie Lite to deliver faster time-to-value document automation

KBQuest today announced the release of Ai-Knowie Lite, a new version of its AI-powered Document Intelligence Solution. Ai-Knowie Lite is a pre-packaged intelligent document ingestion solution that streamlines the process of capturing key information from a range of specific document types. With the proprietorial AI engine, Ai-Knowie Lite accelerates business processes involving data extraction from documents and offers timely results on business efficiency.

Ai-Knowie Lite extracts and populates specific data from a wide array of document types at digital speed and on a large scale – for instance, it pulls out key data from Hong Kong Identity Card and address proof documents, speeding up the account opening process with 90% decreased handling time.

“Speed, convenience and friendliness are the ingredients for great experiences. Instant is expected nowadays,” said Alex Lui, Head of Pre-sales in KBQuest. “We have been asked to help streamline document processing by many different organizations and they all want the same thing – leverage automation technologies to retain their customers with seamless customer experiences.”

Document processing and data entry are hugely time-consuming, labor-intensive and repetitive processes which brands always want to automate. Demand of speed and transformation for this kind of mundane processes continue to rise across different industries and sectors, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19.

To shorten the time to value of automation initiatives in document processing, the automation team at KBQuest pre-train its original AI system progressively so it is capable to handle an increasingly wider range of document types right away with 1-2 week deployment, which can be easily integrated to existing enterprise systems.

“Automation makes things run fast, yet, the deployment of it somehow takes time,” said Eric Moy, CEO of KBQuest. “Time to value is a key requirement in these days as brands have to react to the fast-changing world with prompt solutions in order to stay sustainable. Ai-Knowie Lite is built for immediate impacts on document ingestion processes which allows brands to gain benefits within a much shorter timeframe.”

Ai-Knowie Lite was invented to provide brands the fastest way to scale automation and achieve better business efficiency with significant savings in document processing.

Want to explore whether your organization can tap into the benefits of Ai-Knowie Lite? Come talk to our automation team.


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