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in the D-Biz Program offering solutions in below areas:

4 • Digital Customer Experience

7 • Online Human Resources Management Systems

8 • Remote Document Management, Cloud Storage and Remote Access Services

9 • Virtual Meeting and Conference Tools

10 • Virtual Team Management and Communications

11 • Cybersecurity Solutions

12 • Other Custom-built Cloud-based Business Support Systems

D-Biz 2.0 

We know it could be a hassle for you to get through the procedures, but with our rich hands-on experience of ​guiding companies to submit applications for D-Biz in last few months, we can navigate you through the process.

  • Enterprises can submit a 2nd application with solution categories different from those approved in their 1st application

  • Each enterprise’s aggregate funding remains at HK$300,000 (HK$100,000 per IT solution)

  • Funding period for subscription-based solutions will be extended from 6 to 12 months (this is also applicable to applications approved earlier)

  • The restriction on related entities being regarded as one single entity which are not allowed to submit applications is now lifted

Drop us a message and we'll get back to you asap to discuss with you over the D-Biz program and IT solutions.

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About the D-Biz Program


All private enterprises (except listed companies, statutory bodies and NGOs funded by the Government), are eligible to apply. Qualified enterprise must have valid Business Registration Certificate with business commenced before 1 January 2020 and have substantive business operation in the related industry at the time of application.

Application Period

The program is open for application from 18 May, 2020 to 31 October, 2020 at 6PM.

Funding Amount

Qualified enterprises will be provided 100% funding, subject to a cap of HK$100,000 per IT solution and HK$300,000 per enterprise. An enterprise will be disbursed a payment of 30% of the funding amount after the application has been approved. Upon completion of the project and after the supporting documents are accepted, the remaining funding amount will be disbursed to the enterprise.


*IT solution(s) must only be implemented after approval is granted.

Funding Scope

The Program covers 12 categories of IT solutions for distance business. List of D-Biz IT solutions

Our D-Biz solutions


Data Analytics

Digital Customer Experience Enhancement

Document Intelligence

Learning Management System

O365, SharePoint

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Virtual Communications

Workflow Development

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